Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jute and Greens

Hey people,
So hows winter in your part of the world. Well here in Delhi its super cold even now. Anywhoo here today I will be sharing the corner of our kitchen which has been shared before (here). Though not much has been changed as this corner still holds the green in jute wrapped bottles. These jute bottles are DIYed. I got few bottles from the local kabadiwallah for Rs. 10 each ,covered it all up in jute and just add few money plant leaves into it-cheap,easy and classy. Now these surely lend some freshness to the kitchen

Do you also have a green corner? Share with me in the comments section.

                                                        MUCH LOVE


Monday, 28 January 2013

Unchanged Scenario

Hey everyone,
Recently one of my best friend G got married, hers was a sikh wedding and had everything that a big fat punjabi wedding should have. And this was for the first time I saw a sikh wedding..The anand karaj in the morning was ethereal. The bride looked supah radiant and happy and the groom was on the seventh heaven.Literally his eyes were all for her.It was all soo mushy but soo much cute. I wish both of them all the love and happiness.
Sharing with you all a corner of my living room I clicked before going for the wedding dinner.I relate this corner with my late night studies and endless talks with G about everything except our studies. How I miss those days...sigh...That was a different chapter of our lives that we cherish. Now both of us are on different bandwidths...she is a married girl now dealing with her new life and me still struggling with "what to do in life"thoughts. But as they say, somethings in life never change...I still sit in this corner and we do endless "gals-talk" on phone.

Love this corner for the several sweet memories.
Do you also have a place in your house that reminds you of something/someone? Share with me in the comments section. I would love to hear from you.



Friday, 25 January 2013


 Hey everyone,

Today, here on my sweet little  blog I'll be writing about the "IT" color of the year- EMERALD. I simply love this color, its deep shade is so mesmerizing. Now for those who aren't aware, its officially the pantone color of the year.

That means that this color will be in vogue irrespective of the season. One whole year for some great emerald show-off...wwoohooo....

Emerald for me though spells opulence, lavishness, richness and luxury. And this vibrant shade of green, often associated with nature and spring, signifies renewal, regrowth and health.

So go get your wardrobe and home filled with the emerald hues. And ladies, its time to get those emerald earings you have been eyeing for long...go loosen your hubby's pockets AND AND AND no excuse shall be entertained, after all its the color of the season.

Get some emerald inspiration.

Are you digging this emerald trend???

                                                         MUCH LOVE


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hey everyone,
A few days back I showed you the tremendously growing wandering jews in our garden under the hedges (here). Now then also I told you that these can floruish in the water too.So ,I, often get a few cuttings inside to bring in the nature but also because these grow at such an amazing speed that gardener is usually cutting it once a week and I just dont want those cuttings to get wasted....So one fine day when our weird (later on that)gardener cut these, I just have to get those inside. So here they sit in a vase by the window staring the wanderers outside.

Are you digging the wanderers???Share with me in the comments section.

                                                             MUCH LOVE


Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Heya Everyone,
Now whoever is in touch with the fashion trends of the year 2012 and 2013, must be knowing how big the NEON trend is. Neon is everything that is fluorescent. These eye-poping fluorescent hues of rainbow are NEON.Though this trend is not to easy to incorporate in your wardrobe but it can surely be incorporated into your home/office decor. After all its all about being stylish and in vogue.


1. Dont go overboard.
2. Play with different hues.
3. Tone down the neons with neutrals.
4. Use your DIY skill and spray paint neon colors to renew and re-energize your old stuff.




So are you energizing with this neon trend???

                                                             MUCH LOVE